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The Hidden Food Stall You NEED To Try In London

The Hidden Food Stall You NEED To Try In London

What began as a normal afternoon for myself and my friend, Victoria turned into the best foodie day ever. We’d just spent the entire morning working hard on our dissertation for our masters program (woo - the thrill). Typically, we pull up to Ace Hotel, Hoxton Hotel or another cozy cafe in Shoreditch to crank out sentence after sentence. And you guessed it — we’re usually hungry by the day’s end.

We’re also usually broke. Now that we’ve got the particulars out of the way, this day was no different. Vic and I were in search of some good, fulfilling street food for the low. I was honestly hoping to find something that was less than 10 pounds. So we headed to Soho in London’s westend — an area that neither of us frequent often.

Just as I was scrambling along Greek Street to hustle up some content for one of my gigs, we spotted the cutest pink facade with white lettering. Two men stood in front of the narrow window so we couldn’t quite tell what it was exactly until the smells swept under my nostrils.

You cannot walk past somewhere THIS cute.

You cannot walk past somewhere THIS cute.

Still slightly confused about what exactly they sold but still all-the-way intrigued, we waited patiently while two guys placed their orders. Honestly, these dudes were in the way of our perfect Instagram shot and I couldn’t be nosey and peek at their food like I wanted to. So we waited.

And waited.

Finally, I could see that their orders were being wrapped by the lady behind the stall window - “yassss. almost our turn,” I thought to myself. I still didn’t know what to order so I tapped on one of the men on the shoulder to ask for the recommendation (travel tip: Ask people who seem like locals for their recommendations, always). Immediately, he gives me the tea on the best wrap to get. Score.

My ‘ready for food’ face

My ‘ready for food’ face

The menu at Pleasant Lady Trading is very small which can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask. I was extremely hungry at this moment so a small menu was heaven sent. I’m usually pretty indecisive when it comes to food choices so this 4-option menu was perfect.

Check out the picture above - where you can see the entire menu written on the door.

The base of these Chinese-style crepes ( traditionally known as Jian Bing) is the ‘original veggie’ option to which you can then add meat. I opted for the ‘cumin lamb’ because lamb is never a bad idea and cumin is one of my favorite spices on planet Earth. I was not wrong, y’all. It was everything. Oh and Victoria ordered the ‘chicken miso’ and ‘twas was delicious, too.

The base of the crepe is coated in a peanut sauce and the topped with cucumber, layered with a spicy chili sauce (I asked for extra spice), coriander and onion. The lamb goes on last before the crepe is folded, split in two and wrapped up - perfect for wandering around Soho while eating. This style of savory crepes is one of the most popular street foods in China.

Don’t let anyone tell you that London street food isn’t top notch.

Check out my Instagram ‘Food’ highlight for videos of this being made

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