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Why Bath, UK is the Ultimate Day Trip from London

Why Bath, UK is the Ultimate Day Trip from London

London is my favorite city in the world. I love it so much that for the majority of my time living here, I didn’t explore other cities. Don’t be like me. There is SO much to see in the UK. So when my friend and I decided to go to Bath for the day I was happy to finally be exploring somewhere new. Bath is the perfect day trip to take from London because its close, cute and there’s just enough to see so that you won’t be bored but not quite overwhelmed either.

It’s so cute

Before this trip, I didn’t do enough research. I knew I wanted to visit the Roman Baths but didn’t account for much else. Once we arrived, Bath quickly showed me that I was in for an adventure. It’s a quaint city but definitely packs some punch. From the abundance of green spaces to cute brunch spots, there’s so much to see.

Check out these parks and gardens during your trip:

  1. Prior Park Landscape Garden

    This place is quite famous because of its rolling hills and picture-perfect scenery. We spent about 1 hour here strolling around the gardens and snapping pictures on the bridge in the center of the park.

  2. Royal Victoria Park

    This park definitely gave me London vibes. There was a lot of green space and fancy black and gold gates, enough said.

Prior Park Landscape Garden

It’s Affordable

I knew that Bath was somewhat affordable before going but it was SO cheap. I hate to spill the beans so early but we paid £20 for brunch for two people. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a brunch that cheap in London or the US—unreal— and it was incredibly good.

Here’s a cost breakdown of how much money we spent during this day trip to Bath:

Bus Ticket from London to Bath - £18.00

(purchased on Ticketline. Bus carrier - National Express)

Entry To Roman Baths - £14.85

(purchased online to save money + student discount)

Brunch for 2 at Frampton’s - £20

Entry to Prior Park Landscape Garden - £7.50

Entry to ‘Parade Gardens - £2

Dinner + Drinks @ Giggly Squid: £25

Uber - £7

This brunch cost up £20 total for two people. London could NEVER.

This brunch cost up £20 total for two people. London could NEVER.

The Roman Baths

If you’re taking a trip to Bath, there’s a good chance that the Roman Baths is at the top of your must-see list. We planned our trip around this beauty and I am so glad we did. Initially, I thought the entry fee was a bit pricey just to see the one part of the Baths that are usually posted on Instagram but I was surprised to find out that there’s so much more to see.

The Roman Baths are basically one big museum where you wind through walkways learning about the history of the Romans in England. Along the way, there’s information and artifacts to gaze at and learn more about. There are even some smaller baths to admire, too. In the end, you’ll come to the main attraction and will likely be taken aback by its beauty. See for yourself:

It’s A Walkable City

Bath isn’t a large city so walking around to different sites and restaurants is easy. We never spent more than 20 minutes walking to our next destination. Although many city buses passed us we didn’t need to spend money on public transportation. We did hop in an Uber to get to Prior Park because we were on a time crunch but even that was within a reasonable walking distance from the city center. London is walkable but it’s huge so you can’t walk everywhere so Bath was a nice change!

I’m so glad that I got to Visit Bath and check another UK city off of my list. If you’re coming to London and just want to escape the big city life for a day, I highly recommend adding Bath to your itinerary.

Is England on your travel list?

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