What does You Me Lunch mean?

You Me Lunch is an ode to my childhood. It started as a saying between my best friend, Khaila, and I. It's been our way of saying 'see ya later' since we were seven years old. 

Can I contribute to the YMLT Blog?

Yes! Please email your submission to hello@youmelunch.com. 


Best food you've ever eaten?

Honestly, brunch from 'The Southern Gentlemen' in Atlanta, Georgia. 


What countries have you traveled to?

Italy, Ireland, England, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Morocco, Romania, Sweden, Canada, Honduras, Belize, The Cayman Islands and Mexico.


What is your favorite place in the world?

That's tough. I really love Italy!




Can you help me plan my trip?

Yes. Please visit my travel company's site to start planning your next trip: https://youmetravel.co/startplanning/