The Scoop:

I recently took a mini trip to Dublin, Ireland with one of my dearest friends. There's not too many places that I've only been for 24 hours, with limited time to explore. Every second needed to be filled and we did just that. From drowning in all the Guinness we drank, exploring the countryside and staying in the all-too-famous Temple Bar, we did Dublin in 24 hours. 

After meeting Shiya at the airport and exchanging first laughs and hugs, we headed to the city center. We spent the night in a hostel in Temple Bar, Barnacles Hostel. It is located smack in the middle of Temple Bar. Even though the area is known to be swarming with tourists we met a lot of Irish folk and felt nothing but authentic vibes all around. Barnacles was a nice & tidy place to rest during our short stay. 

The Experience:

The best part about Dublin was the people. Shiya and I were so warmly welcome in our hostel stay, but also by many locals. From the time we stepped foot into town, everyone was willing to help with directions, recommendations etc. It was quite refreshing to be in busy city that still had a small town feel. We felt so comfortable in Dublin and can't stop telling friends + family how amazing it was. If only we had more time.... 

We did have a few hours to get away from the city and into the countryside. The best part about this was getting to walk around and see locals who lead a slower, less hectic lifestyle than in the center of town. So, we hopped on the bus and rode it to the very last stop and got off in a little  village called Enniskerry(which we kept thinking people were saying 'its scary').

It wasn't scary, it was one of the greenest places I'd ever seen. We walked miles through the town, passing pink houses, and antique shops. Finally arriving to Powerscourt, a famous estate with lush gardens and a waterfall. We also left the estate to look for actual rain deer (no luck though). The adventure ended in Poppies, the cutest cafe where we bought hot chocolate and where I bought my mom an 'Irish Whiskey Marmalade' homemade jam. I don't want to talk about it, but it didn't make it past the airport. I will go back for more and this time check-in a luggage with all the damn jam I want. 


Oh just me hanging by the countryside while keeping collected + cute + organized with my fjallraven backpack. I carry mine everywhere!

The Food:

Of course I ate in Dublin. We also drank. A lot. I have a lot of saved snapchat stories to prove it. One word: GUINNESS. We had it with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have never had this Guinness. I mean we were staying pretty close to the factory, so this is the legit drink. It is now my favorite beer, but of course it won't ever be the same at home. Not as smooth, rich or hearty as it was in the Dub. *sighs* 

Dublin was a trip of many firsts. My first full Irish breakfast + my first time tasting black pudding-- a staple in English + Irish traditional breakfast. We brunched at The Bank on College Green.

This was the most beautiful restaurant I've ever been too. Of course, the service was impeccable too. Shiya ordered the 'HOMEMADE PORRIDGE', Dublin Honey, Pouring Cream & Berry Compote. It was truly lovely.

I had the 'THE FULL IRISH', Grilled Bacon, Sausages, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Sautéed Mushrooms, Clonakilty Black & White Pudding, Fried Egg, Baked Beans, Hash Brown & Toast. My favorite part was the 'hash brown' which was more like a potato pancake. Bliss.  I also had my fair share of mimosa, but we won't discuss that. 



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You. Me. Lunch. started as a saying between my best friend, Khaila, and I. It's been our way of saying 'see ya later' since we were seven years old. I guess you can say I'm an actual food baby.