1. Vist Trevi Fountain

Ahh, the glorious Trevi fountain. It's definitely a sight to see. Huge Roman statues and the bluest water ever. The fountain is in the center of Rome, so of course there's a lot of food + gelato nearby. Enjoy a scoop or two and sit by the fountain. Don't forget to make a wish. 


2. Get pasta at 'Amalfi' restaurant

I ordered seafood pasta with shrimp, calms, mussels & octopus. This was the first time I'd ever eaten octopus and it wasn't too bad, very chewy, but not bad. The pasta was lovely and the restaurant was so charming. The yellow tiles and ocean-blue walls made it felt like we were in a comfy Italian home for dinner. Oh, and the house wine. Let's just say I had too much. 



3.  Go see the colosseum

All I can say is wow. I never thought I would actually see the colosseum in person. It's always been something that seemed so far removed from me. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of history and you can't miss seeing it. Roman architecture is so detailed that every structure seems to tell a story. Unfortunately, the queue to get into the colosseum was way too long. Either way, it's simply remarkable. 


4. Ride the metro

The subways in Italy were actually one of my favorite elements. Imagine trains lined with graffiti & super long escalators. Although the subway stations weren't on every corner, we still found it quite easy to get around the city. The buses were also pretty helpful, especially at night when the underground closes. My favorite part about the metro in Rome was that it was actually affordable. A 48-hour pass was about 12 Euros, definitely nicer than having to pay for every ride!



5. Forget the itinerary

We saw the best sights and spoke to cool people when we ventured out without a set plan. At least be willing to deviate from your agenda, it's truly how you get the richest experience. 


Just a little bonus: My friends and I were being #carefreeblackgirls and decided to have a mini photoshoot on the balcony of the cutest Airbnb ever:


Until next time, Rome. 

Forget the hotel, stay with Airbnb on your next trip!






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