Marseille is located in the infamous south-of-France. Known for its picturesque beaches and mountains perfect for a summer time hike. It's a city of many hills, great sunsets, friendly locals and the best charcuterie, ever. Skip Paris, go to Marseille. Here's how to do Marseille in 24 hours: 


Marseille has a tight-knit feel. The locals hang around conversing and laughing in the streets. I didn't know it before, but I'm so glad that we stayed in an Airbnb for this leg of the trip. We lucked up and got an awesome Airbnb host who made us tea, taught us basic, survival French and who knew the city like the back of her hand. 

We spent the first day cozy beneath blankets, with conversation and Marvin Gaye coming from the living room (hammock included). It was blissful: 

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Le Funiculaire  

Marseille, France Destination Guide

The vibe here was very funky. Music played loudly as the locals chatted with friends over cheese and wine.

The best damn cheese, hummus & wine that I've had in a very long time. Of course the cheese was excellent and we got to try various types, but the hummus was the winner. It was so fresh, yet strong and full of body. It tasted as if they'd just mashed and mixed the chickpeas minutes before serving. There was so much hummus, guacamole and other sauce that we had to ask for more of that heavenly bread. The wine was perfect and paired so well with everything. 


Pizza Charly

Marseille France Destination Guide

According to my Airbnb host, Pizza Charly is Marseille's best kept little secret. I can see why. It's definitely not in a tourist area at all. It has a very local feel and people come hungry for these huge slices! The best part about PC is the prices. Imagine this, you can get a slice for 1 Euro, Half a pizza for 2 Euro and an entire pie for 4-6 Euro. 

No wonder it's a local secret. The pizza is quality and good. The ingredients are truly so fresh. I went here way too many times while in Marseille. It'll forever be my go-to when in the south of France. Don't skip over this place. Oh yeah, they're open pretty late too- SCORE!

YML & T Tip: Marseille is full of quality Kebab shops. Stop in anyone for a yummy sub + chips for about 6 Euro. 


D  O

Vieux-Port De Marseille

The port has all the vibes. Come here for the seaside views or a relaxing evening on your trip. There's a beautiful ferris wheel that lights this area. You'll see crowds gathering around street performers. This is the aha-moment of the trip when you realize you're in the South Of France. 



Notre-Dame de la Garde

Come here for the incredible skyline views of Marseille. It's a beautiful cathedral in which you can go inside. There was a mass talking place while we were there. It was stunning, but the views were what made me want to stick around. Sit just beyond the fence and you'll get mountain views and peach skies. 

Marseille France Notre-dame de la Garde


Have you explored Marseille? 

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